Trend Alert – Veggie Yogurts

First came healthy juices with carrot and kale, then vegan menus of avocado, seaweed and coconut waters.

The latest and greatest are veggie yogurts. Most popular seem to be avocado, beetroot and butternut squash, if you go by the newly-introduced flavors by Waitrose this year.

Veggie yogurts are already popular in US, thanks to Blue Hill, who claim to have invented the world’s first savory yogurts with carrot, beet and parsnip flavors.

Bulgaria, on the other hand, claims the discovery of yogurt itself, as the latter would not be possible without the appropriately named Lactobacillus Bulgaricus.

So “beet” it, Blue Hill:)

Dinner Party DIY – Conde Nast Traveller suggests adding grated cucumber, shredded mint and a pinch of salt to beetroot yogurt for an impressive instant dip.

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